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Nobody wants to halt their life or work because of ill health and wish to stay happy all the time. But, the escalating count of diseases and their mounting cost of treatments have become a concern today. Even a single visit to doctor can suck your wallet. Health insurance in India has emerged like a savior for all. Taking care of your well being as well as your pocket, it has made things simpler for all. It pays off your heavy medical bills, consultation fees, accident or emergency case charges. Helping out to shoulder the financial burdens, mediclaim in India comes with easy buying and satisfying assurance.

Health Policies in India

Individual - Designed to cover an individual against various illnesses with cashless hospitalization and other features.
Family Floater Mediclaim - Covers family members against diseases under a single plan, this cover offers a fixed sum insured for the members that can be either availed by individual member or as a sum total for treatment of one person.
Surgery & Critical Illness - Availed as a standalone plan or a rider incase of treatment against serious illnesses like- cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, paralysis etc.
Senior Citizen - Covering you when you turn old and unable to resist severe sickness because of your growing age. According to IRDA norms, every insurer needs to provide cover for people up to the age of 65 years.
Preventive Healthcare - In charge of concerns related to expensive preventive care treatments which include consultation charges and other tests or x-ray fees concessions.

Medical Insurance Comparison Helps:

It might sound tricky to select one policy from this array of mediclaim plans. But, we intend to offer a comprehensive comparison of policies depending on your requirements. Offering affordable quotes along with details of benefit or riders available, we generate an analysis report of plans you can choose from.

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Benefits and Features of Health Insurance

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