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Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Senior citizen health insurance is a necessity especially when you are planning to retire and live on pension or interest income from savings. A sudden medical emergency can result in a financial crisis. To avoid this, it is prudent to take a comprehensive senior citizen mediclaim policy.
According to the new guidelines by IRDA, every health insurance provider has to offer coverage to individuals’ upto 65 years of age. These new guidelines will not only help individuals get coverage at later stages of their life but will also allow them to shift insurers in case they are not satisfied with their current health insurance provider.
These senior citizen health insurance policies are for people aged between 65 years and 80 years. The points of senior citizen health insurance comparison can be max age at renewability, coverage of specific diseases and waiting periods.
For example Varistha Medicalim policy covers Hospitalization and Domiciliary Hospitalization Expenses as well as expenses for treatment of Critical Illness, if opted for. The Critical Illnesses’ covered are Coronary Artery Surgery, Cancer, Renal Failure and Stroke. The senior citizen mediclaim policy can be renewed upto 90 years of age.

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What does the Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan cover?

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