Are you following these 6 rules of great financial life ?

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Are you following these 6 rules of great financial life ?
Everything in life has basic ground rules, which we should never forget. You can consider these ground rules as the pillars of your decision making activity. Even our financial lives have some ground rules to follow in order to have a great and enriching life.
If you are clear about these ground rules and start some serious work on all of them, your overall quality of financial life should go up. But having said that, its a long term activity !
“Do not depend on a single income. Invest and create a second/ third source of income”
So many people just never focus on this. A person in a job has just taken it as his fate, that his only source of income will be his Salary. For him alternate source of income other than his salary is like a distant dream which he can only see, but could not achieve. The same happens with a businessman at times. He depends solely on his business income. Why? Why not also have some other passive income from other non-core business area.
Atleast start thinking in that direction ? Lets Explore some extra income source. I dont say, it need to be some grand income, but lets make some start atleast, if not in action taking, atleast in thinking about it, I personally tasted some passive income from my first book royalty, while it was not a big one (opposite to what people think) , it atleast gave me some good feeling. Other than our business income, I had some source of income from other stream. Thats important ! . It can be a small income, not a grand one . Thats okay ! . Whatever is your specialization, you must be god gifted into some or the other thing in life, start sharing about it with world by writing about it, you never know when you start making fans for yourself and it might bring some opportunity to you in life. Nandish has written a nice piece of “Giving your Gifts to the world” on our Jagoinvestor Wealth Club, check it out . If you are damn good about something , why not offer consulting or accept freelance projects in your own capacity.
Forget all that, at minimum, If you are a person who comes home early, why not take some tutions to make few extra bucks. Its not about earning a little more, its about the habit of creating an extra income. You never know when, in the future when you might have to look at it seriously! . So the point is, go ahead and put a small seed in your head about “Creating Alternate income” .

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