Are you following these 6 rules of great financial life ?

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“If you buy things that you do not need, you may soon have to sell things you need”
People are over spending. There is no doubt about this. Just look at your own expenses & write them down. Question each of your expenses, do you really need them? Is it out of necessity or just a desire which you can avoided altogether or atleast minimized? The answer will be in front of you. If you have not yet tracked where your money is going and if you are our special member at Wealth Club, you might want to download this Budget Template.
One of our Bangalore clients told us last year that he has seen a lot of his friends, who buy a car on the first day of getting the job! and mostly they dont need it. Its either to show off, or just that short term desire of own it, without thinking about long term aspects of it. Its just unplanned!. Then there are people buying 25 shirts, when they only need only 12. There are people, who don’t have the `haisiyat` of driving an Alto Car, but they have bought a Honda City just to show off !
It just violates the rule of spending!.
Slowly but surely, this will take them towards disaster. It will come as surprise (to them) one day. Spending is a core activity of your life. You earn so that you can spend it, nothing wrong with it, but there is a difference between spending and over-spending. Understand it today to make your future more robust.
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