Are you following these 6 rules of great financial life ?

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“Control your expectations, and control your happiness – they are same thing”
One very dedicated reader of this blog – Pattu, who teaches at IIT Chennai, told me once that he does not expect equity to give him more than 8% of returns in long term and he always invests his money in equity, assuming that he will get 8% or better in long run. Anything more than that would be a bonus for him. I am sure that he must be happy all his life and will never be disappointed with equity returns.
In financial life, we expect agents to work in our favor, we expect financial products to give us amazing returns, we expect financial planners to charge less, but give an awesome experience (Like we give to our paid clients) , we expect life insurance companies to pay our family, even if we make some mistake while disclosing some important information, we expect our credit card to forget the penalty for in-case we don’t pay on time, we expect government to decrease the tax rates.
If you look, we are an “expecting” machine in our life. I can say from my tiny experience of life till date, happiness and expectations are just the two different words for the same thing. If you want to get in control of your happiness level, just control your expectations in life. Stop the expectations from others, better control yourself and your expectations, because thats all you can control. not others.
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