Benefits and coverage of Personal Accidental Policy

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Benefits and Coverage

  • No requirement of medical tests and documentation
  • Substantial cover for lower premium
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Can be bought by individual or by family
  • Easy and certified claim process
  • 24x7 support service
  • Legal and Funeral expenses
  • Child education benefit
  • Double indemnity for death/ disability while traveling in public transport
  • Accidental Death: It indicates death of the policyholder in an accident. The Sum Assured under this plan is payable if death occurs from an accident.
  • Accidental Disability: It indicates that the policyholder is disabled from work, either partially or wholly.
  • Accidental Dismemberment: It indicates that a part of the policyholder’s body has been severed or dismembered. It means, if the policyholder loses his hand or leg or eyes in an accident, then he would be eligible to get a claim under Accidental Dismemberment.
  • Medical Expenses: Medical expenses incurred during the treatment of accidental injuries.

Claim Process :

In case of a claim one needs to inform the insurer about the event within the time frame specified by the company. You might be provided with a claim reference number. The following information is required to be submitted to the insurer when intimating your claim-
  • Your contact numbers
  • Policy number
  • Date and time of accident
  • Name and contact details of insured person who is injured
  • Location of loss
  • Brief description on how the accident/ loss took place with its extent and location details
  • Extent of loss

In case of death/ disability claim, the documents required include- certificate for the same, admission/discharge summary, lab and doctor’s report are the basic documents required for claim settlement.

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