Add-on Covers for Commercial Vehicles Package Policy

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Optional Add-on Covers for Commercial and Miscellaneous Vehicles Package Policy

  • By paying an additional premium, you can opt for additional cover for:
  • Loss of / or damage to electrical accessories
  • Loss of /or damage to Non-electrical accessories
  • Additional Personal Accident cover for you or any named person or unnamed passengers
  • Legal liability to your employees (paid drivers, cleaners and conductors)

Commercial and Miscellaneous Vehicles

Commercial Vehicle is any vehicle that is used to generate income. There are 2 types of commercial vehicle namely:
  • Goods carrying vehicles such as tempos and trucks.
  • Passenger carrying vehicles such as taxis, buses and vans

Miscellaneous Vehicles are vehicles such as excavators, mobile plants, agricultural tractors,
ambulances, lawn movers etc. 

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