Other Investment Options to choose from

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Tax Saving Investment

Best investment plans also make for good tax savings instruments. In life insurance, premium amount payable is deductible from taxable income up to maximum amount of Rs 1 Lac under Sec 80C. Maturity proceeds and death benefits are also tax exempt under Sec 10(10D).

Other Investment Options to choose from

Mutual Funds: This is a professionally managed trust in which investment is pooled from retail investors. The accumulated amount is invested in different financial instruments like shares, securities etc. As the income is earned on these instruments, it is shared proportionally among investors. Mutual Fund is considered one of the best investment options due to its very low charge structure.
Investments in Gold: The value of gold has been appreciating steadily. Looking at the last few years, there has been more than 22% annualized returns; this makes gold a very good investment option. For people interested in investing in gold, there are various methods which include physical gold, e-gold and gold ETF.
PPF, Bank Fixed Deposits and Postal Schemes: These 3 options are most suitable for making safe investments. The interest rate on PPF account is presently at 8.8% per annum and keeps changing every year; different banks offer different interest rates. There are also many postal investment schemes which can be bought.
Unlike Insurance; other Investment products are not aimed to provide a financial cushion to family in case of unforeseen circumstances, thus we recommend our consumers to prefer Insurance over other financial instruments.

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