Eligibility Criteria to apply for Personal Loan

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Eligibility Criteria plays a major role to apply for personal loan:

Eligibility criteria also play an important role in taking up your personal loan. Financial background plays a major role as this will be helpful to understand your loan payback ability. Loan provider will also check that your credit card bills are clear and you are paying your other EMI's timely, in case you have taken up any loan earlier. They will also look into your company where you are working presently. Self-employed persons have to show their nature of work and income level.

Eligibility Criteria
  • You should be either salaried, self employed or professional

  • You must be aged between 22 to 59 years, have a bank account and have some monthly income

  • You must not have a history of bad credit or your loan should not be declined in last 3 months

  • You should have some monthly repaying capacity

If you decide not to proceed with your personal loan application, Our home loan/ auto loan/ loan against property could help you get the money you need.

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