SIP Comes in Various Avatars

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SIP Comes in Various Avatars

What is an SIP?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows an investor to invest a fixed amount at regular intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) in a mutual fund scheme.

SIP is not always monthly

There are SIPs that allow investors to start, pause, and end investments at their will. However, very few investors are aware about them.

Daily, quarterly or bi-annual SIPs

Daily, quarterly and bi-annual SIPs allow investors to choose a frequency of investment that suits them the best.

Perpetual SIPs

Investors don't have to choose the end date when investing via a perpetual SIP. Once the goal is met, investors can write to the fund house to stop the SIP.

Step-up SIPs

Step-up SIPs allow investors to increase the SIP amount periodically. An investor can specify the amount and frequency at which the amount is to be increased. These SIPs are ideal for investors who want to start investing with a small amount and increase the investment gradually to reach their goals.

Flexi SIPs

Flexi SIPs let investors to change the SIP amount whenever they want. An investor can choose to invest more or less, depending on his/her cashflow or the market conditions.

Alert SIPs

An alert is sent to the investor whenever the market is down by a few points or some percentage points. Alert SIPs are ideal for investors who are informed about the market as it allows them to invest more when the market is down.

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