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Third Party Claim
With overcrowding of Indian cities and an increase in number of cars on the roads, the possibility of accidents or mishaps has significantly increased. India reportedly has the highest number of road accidents in the world. The prime cause of accidents is negligence and rash driving, and thus, the law requires that the victim ought to be compensated for the loss suffered. This is where Third Party Liability insurance comes into the picture.
Third Party Liability insurance is a cover that protects the owner, passengers or driver from any legal claim or penalty made by the third party. It is mandatory as per the law and gives you protection against any damage caused by your vehicle to life or property of a third person. Thus, a Third Party Liability cover protects you from any legal liability arising due to accidental damages for:

o   Third party injury·        
o   Third party death·        
o   Third party property damage

Cover amount: In case of an accident that causes bodily injury or loss of life, the third party cover is unlimited. The entire amount of compensation is borne by the insurance company once the court decides on the amount. For damage to property, the maximum liability is limited to Rs. 7.5 lakh. Unlimited Third Party Property damage can be taken by paying additional premium.

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